Feels Like Home

In high school, Dr. Taylor Hall, ’10, never imagined herself as a college professor. Back then, she didn’t even want to be a college student. Now, she’s teaching at her alma mater, Bridgewater State University.

Hall envisioned directly entering the workforce or military, but her Norton High School guidance counselor encouraged her to at least apply to college. She picked Bridgewater State because she could afford it. As her classmates solidified their college plans, Hall figured she should go too.

Her Too

Several years ago while working on a film with a group of fellow Emerson College students, Michele Meek had an epiphany of sorts.

She wanted to direct.

“I realized I wanted to be involved with the whole process,” the assistant professor of communication studies said.

Faculty Focus

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Aeon Skoble already saw in himself the very things that would lead him to a life in philosophy.

“I was an argumentative child,” he said, “but it was always about wanting to get to the bottom of things. So when I discovered that philosophy was about not only how to argue better but also how to understand things, that was just exactly what I was looking for.”

Faculty Member’s Research Earns Place at Smithsonian

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History’s newly reopened fossil hall features a familiar figure. And, we’re not talking about the iconic Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton.

It’s Dr. Christine Brandon, an assistant professor of geological sciences at Bridgewater State University. She is part of a video shown in the same exhibit as T. rex at the august Washington, D.C., institution. 

Woodstock Remembered

Dr. John Marvelle, ’72, G’76, was listening to the radio in his Bridgewater State residence hall when he first heard about plans for the Woodstock music festival. The college freshman couldn’t have imagined the critical role he would one day play in keeping the multi-day concert’s memory alive.

Famous Footsteps

Looking for an inspirational summer sojourn without the crowds? Bridgewater State University’s Dr. John Kucich has the answer: Head north to remote Maine wilderness where you can connect with nature and Henry David Thoreau, Concord native and famed author of Walden.

“The landscape he saw is still very much there and you can see it through his eyes in a very immediate way,” Kucich said.

Faculty Focus

As with many faculty members, Dr. Jakari Griffith’s life experience has helped shape the educator and researcher he is today.

The assistant professor of management and 2019 Award for Academic Excellence recipient came to Bridgewater State in 2003, after teaching at Salem State College. Early in his career, he focused on management issues revolving around positive psychology and leadership.

Faculty Focus - Dr. Kyung-shick Choi / Criminal Justice

Cybercrime knows no geographic borders, so it makes sense that a new journal co-founded by a Bridgewater State University professor aims to forge connections across the globe.

The International Journal of Cybersecurity Intelligence and Cybercrime, published in partnership with BSU and Boston University, seeks to offer empirical research articles, policy reports, case studies and book reviews. It debuted in July and will be published twice a year.

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