Majors & Minors - Undergraduate

Ready to pursue your passion? We've developed a wide variety of academic programs designed to suit the needs and ambitions of Bridgewater students.

Majors, Minors, Concentrations & Undergraduate Certificates

* Denotes a major we also offer in the College of Continuing Studies.
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    1. Philosophy

      1. Philosophy, Analytic Philosophy Concentration, BA
      2. Philosophy, Applied Ethics Concentration, BA
      3. Philosophy, BA
      4. Philosophy, History of Philosophy Concentration, BA
      5. Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy Concentration, BA
      6. Philosophy Minor
      7. Philosophy, Politics and Economics Minor
    2. Physical Education

      1. Physical Education, BA
      2. Physical Education, Exercise Science/Health Fitness Concentration, BS
      3. Physical Education, Motor Development Therapy/Adapted Physical Education Concentration, BS
      4. Physical Education, Recreation and Fitness Club Administration Concentration, BS
      5. Physical Education, Recreation Concentration, BS
      6. Physical Education, Teacher Licensure (5-12) Concentration, BS
      7. Physical Education, Teacher Licensure (PreK-8) Concentration, BS
    3. Physics

      1. Physics, General Physics Concentration, BA
      2. Physics, Professional Physics Concentration, BS
      3. Physics, Professional Physics with Applied Physics Concentration, BS
      4. Physics, Professional Physics with Astrophysics Concentration, BS
      5. Physics, Professional Physics with Optics Concentration, BS
      6. Physics Minor
      7. Geophysics Minor
    4. Political Science

      1. Political Science, American Politics Concentration, BA
      2. Political Science, BA
      3. Political Science, International Affairs Concentration, BA
      4. Political Science, Legal Studies Concentration, BA
      5. Political Science, Public Administration Concentration, BA
      6. Political Science Minor
      7. Philosophy, Politics and Economics Minor
      8. Civic Education and Community Leadership Minor
    5. Portuguese Minor
    6. Psychology *

      1. Psychology, BS
      2. Psychology Minor
    7. Public Relations*

      1. Communication Studies, Public Relations Concentration, BA
      2. Public Relations Minor
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